Author Topic: Some pics of decoys from Michigan collection...Huron, Erie, St. Clair birds  (Read 2174 times)

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Offline Ken Snow

Here are pics from the first 2 boxes....just thought everyone would like to see a few before they are sold and gone....
Dan Wiggle Common Merganser; 1981

Phil Babe Red Breasted Merganser; late 70's?

Ralph Johnston Redhead; 70's?

Bob Miller Oldsquaw pair; 70's

Ben Schmidt Redhead; 60's?

Bob Bolle Greenwing Teal; 1981

Lou Swientek Ruddy; 1978

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Offline Dennis Quist

Pretty sweet blocks right there.

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Offline D. Fisher

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing

Offline george williams

nice decorative stuff, AND a few good stool!
so many carvers, so few decoy makers

Offline Vince Pagliaroli

I like the gunners - good decoys. :)

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Offline benp

really digging that red breasted merganser. if i was a man with money id buy that from you.
great collection, too bad you aint got the space to display em all.
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Offline Ronnie

Nice group of decoys.
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Offline Robert C

Those old squaw are amazing I would love to sit and stare at those for hours.

Offline Ken Snow

benp, that red breasted was made by a good friend of my grandfathers.  It a real nice one.  I wish I had more room too.  The thing is I grew up with them displayed all over the house so I looked at them for my whole life.  I really only plan on keeping a few that are special to me.

Robert C, I have a Surf Scoter that Bob Miller made as well, another real nice bird.

I'll put up more pics as I take 'em.

Offline marty m.

Ken im not educated on deke history, which is the Erie deke collection
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Offline Ken Snow

Not sure yet Marty.  Depends on the carver and where they hunted.  I know there were some guys in the carving clbootyes from down river so its just a matter of finding their decoys.  I will be going thru more of these birds this weekend.