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Scott Klecka:
I bought one of the Decoy Spreaders Jerk Strings at MacksPW last week.  It looks like it will be easy to set and it will put motion on 12 decoys.  I have a storage box in the boat that will hold it so that should not be a problem.  Going to be trying it out this afternoon, I'll let you know how it works out.

Anybody else use one of these?  I normally try to keep things simple when duck hunting but I like the idea of having 12 motion decoys out on the water.

I have 2 sets of jerk spreaders.  They work ok but I would prefer the wire arms  be made longer and out of heavier wire.  If they were longer they could be use for goose floaters.  Also  although you get more action  when the center line attachment is attached to your pull string  the spreader also tends to  fold up  and raise out of the water.  I remedied this by attaching  snap swivels  to the end of two arms opposite each other and attach both to the pull line.  As I stated this cuts down on the motion  but prevents the problem of the spreader trying to flip up  and fold.

Scott Klecka:
Will do as soon as I get the boat out of storage so I can put everything away.  It looked good on the water but it need a better bungee cord.   It is a little bit of a pain to rig out but that is always the case with jerk cords.

Scott Klecka:
you are correct Don, it will not work great with a dog.  My lab is 14 so he does not get to go anymore  :-[  His legs are not strong enough to get in and out of the boat.  I will have to start thinking about "dog friendly" again sometime down the road.

Scott Klecka:
Will do when I get back. 


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